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Midnite goes to prom-w/out me!!
2005-04-02 @ 7:14 p.m.

Ok I am so mad! Ok, today Janice called me and asked if I was going to prom with Midnite. Obviously tonight is prom at Cibola. Midnite didn't tell me he was going. So, I called him he ignored my calls. Then tonight when I called him I asked if he was going to prom. He's all "Yah". I didn't feel like asking who he was goin with. I know it's his senior prom he could of at least told me about it. Or atleast invited me, but no. If he wants to get mad at me for lying to him about who I was on the phone with, then fine. I don't care. Tomorrow is our 1 month anniverserary. I bet you anything we aren't going to be doing anything! I bet you!! I'm getting so mad. Maybe it's just because I am pregnant with his baby, I just know by tomorrow I am going to be devastated. I am really so tired of being hurt. But whatever.

Today I went to the mall with Janice. We were looking at all the baby stuff. I can't wait until Midnite and I go to the mall and pick out clothes for the baby! I am so exited and confused at once, but oh well I'll get over it. If the baby is a girl her name will be Cristal Alizae, if it's a boy, then I don't know.

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